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1Stripe Payments

Buildlinks uses a payment gateway called “Stripe”. Stripe is an approved secure Apple/Google payment gateway to enable monthly/yearly payments, discounts, and various other features to benefit both Buildlinks and the customer – we pay the additional cost to save you money. Stripe is used by many worldwide large organisations.

See https://stripe.com/au

2What is Buildlinks?

Buildlinks is a mobile application that connects people to tradesman, builders and suppliers in the residential and commercial workspace for services and products.

It’s free to download for the customers, and one simple monthly or yearly payment for tradesman, builders and suppliers. No commissions or hidden costs for the businesses, no escalated quotes for the customers.

3How does a Professional Advertise on Buildlinks?

It’s a breeze to advertise on Buildlinks, download the app and enter your mobile number to receive a OTP (One Time Password") for easy sign in, then select "Professional". Create your profile and availability then post to advertise. Its that easy!

4How Does Buildlinks make money?

Buildlinks charges advertisers by the month or even cheaper by the year. Once signed up with your credit card it automatically renews until you cancel your membership with one easy click. This way you can easily calculate what your yearly expenditure is at Buildlinks, and being a tax deductible fee, its crazy cheap!

We keep our overheads extremely low, and pass on those savings to you, that’s how we do it. So you can be assured there’s not better value for money spent out there.

5How do I contact Buildlinks?

You can email Buildlinks on:

Administration – For any administration, accounts information or concerns

Support – For any technical issues, reporting of inappropriate use etc.

6Clients - How do I post a job request?

There are two ways to contact Professional tradesman, builders and/or suppliers.

  1. Search Function - Just go to the professionals button, select your tradesman/builder or supplier, location and specific filters to find available candidates. Then scroll through profiles to choose who you would like to contact and contact using the details provided.
  2. Job Request - This feature makes setting up requests for contact and quotations easy to a single professional or multiple all in one click. You create a job request, add photos of drawings, workspaces, concepts, job location and date to commence etc and provide dialogue on the request. Then search and filter who you would like to send it to and post. No sitting on the phone for days or sending out tons of emails!

7Professionals - How do I provide a quote to a client?

There are two ways to receive requests for contact and quotations.

  1. Professional Search - A client (Job Poster) may simply search for a professional tradesman/builder or supplier and either SMS, call or email from the details contained within the profile. From here, it’s business as usual. Just thank us for the link!
  2. Job Request - This feature is for a client to send out many quotes at once, to whom they choose. For example they may need tiling done in a bathroom. They can create a job request, specify the tiles, the sqm, attach pictures of drawings or the workspace then send out to both a set of tilers and tiling suppliers. You will receive a push notification to review the job request details (accept or decline), and respond to the client directly. Quick and easy - No commissions!

8How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime during the 6 month free trial and not be charged. Your profile will remain if you ever decide to resume your subscription, albeit no trial period will activate and you will be charged according to your chosen payment cycle. If you want to cancel your subscription after your 6 month trial period ends, you will no longer be charged a payment starting the next payment cycle whether monthly or yearly. In both cases you can cancel your subscription by going into the iOS or Android App, then settings > cancel subscription.